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May 24, 2016

A Challenge

A Challenge What we need: Radical collaboration. Civic engagement. Civil discourse. Relationships and partnerships. Support for people with disabilities and their families. What We’re Facing The Minnesota Legislature refuses, again, to put people with disabilities and the people who support them on an equal footing with other service recipients. The U.S. Read More


April 22, 2016

What Keeps me Awake at Night

What Keeps me Awake at Night Honestly, there are several work-related issues that keep me awake at night; the changes in how we provide services and support isn’t one of them. Although some of those changes are significant, we know that people need to be able to live the lives… Read More


March 22, 2016

Supporting People With Disabilities and Their Caregivers

Supporting People With Disabilities and Their Caregivers Several months ago, my blog post addressed adequate compensation for our amazing caregivers. I’m not done talking about it yet. I pledge to continue talking about it until people with disabilities and their caregivers receive the respect and compensation they are due. You may… Read More


February 23, 2016

Reading Mind Maps

Reading Mind Maps Do I Know What You Want? Recently, I spent time in Washington, D.C. and Baltimore to listen and contribute to the development of national public policy for people with disabilities and their families. While the policy discussions and determinations are vital, understanding and changing our human behavior… Read More


February 8, 2016

Hopey Changey

Hopey Changey Most of us have heard the cynical question, “How’s that hopey changey thing working for you now?” My answer, every time I hear or see it? Actually, it’s working pretty well. What I Believe If I focus on a small slice of my life (today, for instance), I… Read More


November 24, 2015

The Untold Story: Hope is Essential

The Untold Story: Hope is Essential We leave so much of every story on the editing room floor. Our attention spans dictate that we reduce stories to soundbites. I’m guilty of reading a headline and the lead paragraph, and then skimming the rest of the story. I miss important details every… Read More


November 11, 2015

Helping All Vulnerable People

Helping All Vulnerable People A Facebook friend of mine posted a poll on his page: Yes or No? Homeless servicemen should come before any refugee. I say, “yes and yes.” I’m a fan of “what ifs” that look at the future and help us to imagine it differently. What if the… Read More


October 12, 2015

Radical Collaboration

Radical Collaboration Our housing and employer forums, reverse job fairs and family meetings connect us to the community in new, important and interesting ways. I gained new insight into these connections at a recent Charities Review Council conference called Radical Collaboration. One of the nuggets I gleaned from this rich… Read More


September 22, 2015

We Are Community

We Are Community And, if we are community, what is community? The Minnesota Olmstead Plan and the Federal Olmstead decision ensure that people with disabilities are not denied access to the community because of their disabilities. The Supreme Court ruling stated that people with disabilities must receive services and supports in the community as appropriate… Read More


August 12, 2015

Extraordinary Caregivers

Extraordinary Caregivers A young girl with developmental disabilities lives with her family. Her ability to process information and complete tasks is similar to a 17–19-month-old child; she is a toddler in an adolescent’s body. Others make most of her decisions, and she communicates her desires through very simple means: gestures,… Read More