FriendsIn Home Services

Customized support for clients of all ages in their own homes.

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Family Support

Monthly activities for people with developmental disabilities living at home and resources for families.

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Our Philosophy of Support

  • All people need to live their own, best lives. We support individuals with developmental disabilities to live the life they want. They don’t need pity. They need hope, expert support and a world that gives them a chance. Attitude matters: The way we think about disabilities creates opportunities – not obstacles.
  • We implement individualized care plans that emphasize continuous learning and growth based on each person’s wants, needs and dreams. Individuals work with their team to design their own goals.
  • We recognize the importance of family involvement and value the nourishing power of friendships.


Our Legacy

Miss Laura Baker founded her residential school in 1897, dedicated to the idea that people with disabilities could thrive as educated, contributing members of society. Miss Baker’s vision continues to guide our mission: To respect the life choices and dreams of people with developmental disabilities and help them reach their goals.

  • We provide seamless support and services throughout a lifetime, regardless of the type or severity of disability.
  • We do not discontinue service to people when difficult problems arise.
  • We are recognized as leaders in serving high-need individuals, including those with Prader-Willi Syndrome.
  • We are proud of our reputation for effectively working with people with a dual diagnosis of developmental disabilities and mental illness, and our success working with people who have a history of abuse.
  • We foster the feeling of home. Our staff treat clients like family and we cultivate an open environment that invites individuals to interact with others as they choose.