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The Power of Possibility

As a disability services provider dedicated to bringing the power of possibilities to people with special needs, we offer a continuum of living, educational and support services so that families can choose the options that will best support their loved ones in leading fulfilling lives.


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Our Vision

Laura Baker Services Association’s vision is a community where everyone has a place at the table and an organization that is not defined by physical space. We seek innovative ways to ensure that people with intellectual and developmental disabilities can live, work and recreate in the community as they choose. Contact us to learn how we live our vision each and every day.

Our Values

Laura Baker Services Association intentionally fosters an environment of physical, mental, spiritual and emotional health, where the following values can thrive for everyone. We expect staff members and volunteers to behave in accordance with these values.

  • We value the active expression of a person’s unique insights, learning styles, rhythms and abilities.
  • We value acting with integrity, respect for each other and maintaining each other’s dignity.
  • We value each person’s right to dream, make choices, take risks and work through challenges.
  • We value a community of genuine support for each person – a community that cares, celebrates contributions, successes and failures and provides a sense of belonging and value.
  • We value cooperating together to reach common goals, exhibiting flexibility and responsiveness and communicating openly and honestly. We celebrate exploring our differences and the controversy and confrontation which help build healthy relationships and foster personal growth.

Our History

Laura Baker Services Association has a long and rich history of serving people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families. In 1897, Miss Laura Baker founded The School for Nervous and Backward Children in Minneapolis, dedicated to the idea that people with disabilities could be educated and become productive members of society. She relocated to Northfield, Minnesota, a year later and eventually renamed her school The Laura Baker School.

Today, more than a century after its founding, Laura Baker Services Association has grown into a world-class association helping people with intellectual and developmental disabilities lead meaningful and productive lives in a variety of settings. In addition to fulfilling the initial commitment to education, LBSA also offers a plethora of other services designed to nurture physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.