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May 1, 2017

Understanding the Safety Net

Understanding the Safety Net Poverty in America. It’s a charged issue. Opinions about how and why people end up impoverished run a wide gamut. Those opinions greatly impact public policy designed to create a safety net for people. For as long as I can remember, we’ve debated in the state… Read More


April 20, 2017

Celebrating Amazing Employees

Celebrating Amazing Employees Together, the people we support and our employees are the life blood of Laura Baker Services Association. With no one to support, we don’t exist.  Without adequate numbers of employees, our ability to support people is limited. As we look ahead to Employee Appreciation Week, April 23–30,… Read More


March 31, 2017

Paving the Path, Together

Paving the Path, Together Community Building I love to think of the space between us as our gathering space … our agreement space … our community building space. It’s where the paths belong. This community building stuff is intense, hard work and wonderful. Defining the space between us is the… Read More


March 6, 2017

A New Perspective on Value-Based Payments

A New Perspective on Value-Based Payments I attended a conference recently on performance-based management. I was swimming in a sea of BIG ($500M+) corporate providers. In comparison, Laura Baker Services Association is a VERY small fish in this sea. At the core of the conference was how we pay for… Read More


February 3, 2017

Civic Engagement in Today’s World

Civic Engagement in Today's World Wherever I go, I hear that Americans don’t trust: Government Churches Big business Schools Any entity big enough to reduce their needs to a number Why? Generally, because their needs are not being met by these entities. Losing Small-town America My parents live in a… Read More


December 21, 2016

Changing Lives Together

Changing Lives Together Our annual Gala and the graciousness of sponsors, donors and volunteers always reminds me of our incredible community of support. Through the tremendous time and treasures provided, we can continue to support the lives of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and help them reach their dreams. Learning Lessons Stories… Read More


November 28, 2016

What Now? Step One: Ask Questions.

What Now? Step One: Ask Questions. The election is (finally!) over and it’s never been more important for you to advocate for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their caregivers. We must be champions for choice and inclusion. We urge you to take action and ask your elected officials these… Read More


September 16, 2016

Senators: Support Our Caregivers

Senators: Support Our Caregivers Written by guest blogger, Betsy Spethmann Dear Sen. Dahle and Rep. Bly, Many people with developmental disabilities rely on others for personal care . . . every day, every night, for their entire lives. This is not a choice for them. It is a basic necessity,… Read More


July 14, 2016

Dear Legislator

Dear Legislator Dear Legislator, I’d like to talk to you about your failing grade for people who need champions. You can make it up, but time is running out. In the 2016 legislative session disability service providers and their advocates asked for a hand up – not a handout. You said all the… Read More


May 24, 2016

A Challenge

A Challenge What we need: Radical collaboration. Civic engagement. Civil discourse. Relationships and partnerships. Support for people with disabilities and their families. What We’re Facing The Minnesota Legislature refuses, again, to put people with disabilities and the people who support them on an equal footing with other service recipients. The U.S. Read More