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August 12, 2015

Extraordinary Caregivers

Extraordinary Caregivers A young girl with developmental disabilities lives with her family. Her ability to process information and complete tasks is similar to a 17–19-month-old child; she is a toddler in an adolescent’s body. Others make most of her decisions, and she communicates her desires through very simple means: gestures,… Read More


July 28, 2015

A Win for Choice

A Win for Choice Congratulations to the Olmstead Sub-Cabinet in persevering and allowing people with disabilities to make their own choices. This journey is one fraught with opportunities and/or obstacles. Thank you for your persistence in listening, shaping and path-making. Policymakers have an opportunity to learn much from this group… Read More


July 14, 2015

Preserve Self-Determination

Preserve Self-Determination The Olmstead Sub-Cabinet is charged with a momentous task – to ensure that all Minnesotans have access to lives of their choosing. The issues are complex and involve coordinating systems statewide. The state is also charged with finding cost-effective, reasonable plans for change. I have deep respect for… Read More


July 6, 2015

This Independent Life

This Independent Life On June 15, a 25-year-old woman invited 12 of her closest friends to attend a conversation about housing for young adults with disabilities. Their parents were invited to a separate and similar conversation. This young woman currently lives with her parents. She would like to move out… Read More