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Board of Trustees

Meet Our Board

Our board of trustees is dedicated to lending their skills, insights and passions to serve disability services and advocate for those with special needs, their families and the staff who support them.

Greg Closser

Board President

greg closser

Greg joined the board in 2011. He retired as the president of All Flex. Greg and his wife, Patty, have six children, two of whom have disabilities. Greg provides a combination of business skills and family empathy. Each year, the Clossers create Easter baskets for LBSA clients and deliver them to each home.

Bob Gilbertson

Vice President

bob gilbertson

Bob is a Minneapolis attorney who joined the board in 2012. He and his wife, Cynthia, are happy to be involved with LBSA, which they consider a respected and admired part of the community. Bob is especially interested in public policy.

Ruth Neuger


Ruth has served on the board since 2013. She is a print consultant at Engage Print in Northfield. Ruth and her husband, Dave, have three children, two daughters-in-law and one grandchild and are active volunteers in the community. Ruth looks forward to influencing community members to participate with LBSA.

Kent Holden


Kent is a lifelong resident of Northfield and is president of Holden Farms. He has been associated with LBSA for 40+ years. During this time, he developed a friendship with one of the the people we support and now serves as his legal guardian. Kent believes he benefits more than he gives by being connected here. He and his wife, Heloisa, have supported LBSA in countless ways over the years.

Matt Sewich

Board Member

Matt joined the board in 2018. He is currently a partner at Heartman Insurance. Prior to joining the board, he and his wife, Jessica, volunteered countless hours to the organization. Matt is proud to follow in his parents’ footsteps of longtime service to LBSA and believes in the organization’s mission and the amazing work performed on behalf of clients.

Cheryl Buck

Board Member

Cheryl is the director of sponsor relations for PRMIA. She joined the board in 2004 and recently completed a four-year term as president of the board. Cheryl and her husband, Dave, have two children. Cheryl volunteers throughout the Northfield community.

Joe Hargis

Board Member

Joe is the associate vice president for external relations and director of college communications at Carleton College. Joe and his wife, Katy, live in Northfield and have five children. He wants to continue to support and nurture the strong connections Carleton has to LBSA.

Mariah Jacobsen

Board Member

Mariah joined the board in 2017. She is corporate counsel for Northern Tool & Equipment. Mariah and her husband, David, have three young children and live in Northfield. Mariah is passionate about social justice issues and is inspired by LBSA’s advocacy work and mission to encourage its clients to live fulfilling lives.

Mary Closner

Board Member

Mary is a Northfield resident who joined the board in 2018. She has been a volunteer for LBSA in different roles over the years. She brings a bright, creative energy and a strong network from her years as a local store owner and active community member. Mary is interested in spreading the word about LBSA to new volunteers!

Steve Underdahl

Board Member

steve underdahl

Steve is president and CEO of Northfield Hospital & Clinics. He joined the board in 2014, shortly after he and his wife, Lori, moved to the Northfield community. Steve has a family member with developmental disabilities, which drives his passion for advocacy.

Barb Anderson

Board Member

Barb joined the board in 2016 after retiring from work as a principal attorney editor at Thomson Reuters in Eagan. She and her husband, Kurt, have two adult children. She is honored to serve people with developmental disabilities and their families.

Matt Christensen

Board Member

Matt joined the board in 2016. Currently he is a Commercial Risk Advisor at WA Insurance Group/Winona Agency. His wife and two daughters live in Rochester where he is also a basketball coach at Rochester Community and Technical College. He believes some of the kindest souls are some of the most vulnerable.

Caroline Yaun

Board Member

Caroline joined the board in 2019. She lives in Northfield and is a clinical consultant with UnitedHealthcare. Caroline enjoys serving and advocating for people with developmental disabilities in both her professional and personal work. She and her partner, Adam, have a blended family with three adult children and a very lucky mini golden doodle.

Carrie Duba

Board Member

Carrie joined the board in 2019. She and her husband, John, have three young adult children. Carrie is a school psychologist at Northfield High School, where she supports students in finding success. She is thrilled to be a member of the LBSA board where she can support the amazing work the organization does in the greater community.

Jim Loe

Board Member

Jim Loe

Jim joined the board in 2020. He and his wife, Deb, have three children and are active in the community. Jim is the President/CEO of Community Resource Bank and is honored to support the LBSA vision.

Asha Bozicevich

Board Member

Jim Loe

Asha is a senior at Carleton College involved in Special Olympics and the Unified Rivalry Games. She is grateful for the opportunity to serve people with developmental disabilities and support the mission of LBSA. Asha has a particular interest in finding new ways to connect college students and the community with LBSA.