Meet Keshia

October 29, 2019

With her bright colored clothes and her outgoing personality, you would never know the challenges Keshia has had to face in her life. In fact, you could say she is an expert at overcoming obstacles. “Since the beginning, she’s exceeded what ev … more

Meet Matt and Jessica

October 8, 2019

Some say that Laura Baker Services Association is an important part of the community because the organization brings people together. In the case of Matt and Jessica Sewich, that is literally the case. One of their first dates was at LBSA’s annu … more

Laura Baker Services Association Receives Grant to Help Supplement Government Aid

September 26, 2019

NORTHFIELD, MINN. (September 23, 2019) – Laura Baker Services Association (LBSA) has received a $50,000 grant for general operating expenses related to providing housing and support services to adults with intellectual and developmental disabilitie … more

A Toast to Healthy Eating

August 1, 2019

Salmon with Avocado & Tomato.   Diced Chicken w Penne & Vegetables.  Arugula & Kale Salad. No.  These aren’t menu listings from a trendy health food restaurant.  These are a few items from the new meal plan at Laura Baker Servic … more

Meet Karina

July 24, 2019

Some people thrive by taking on responsibilities. At age 19, Karina Orozco has more responsibilities on her plate than most people her age. As LBSA’s youngest household director, she is responsible for scheduling and supervising 16 staff, mainta … more

Performance Dedicated to the Clients and Caregivers at Laura Baker Services

May 30, 2019

The song “What I Might Be” was written by Paul Krause for the Laura Baker Services Association choir in 2010 around the time of our capital campaign. Recently the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Northfield Choir and some of the children j … more

Meet Mark

March 25, 2019

Mark is full of surprises. Laura Baker Services Association Executive Director Sandi Gerdes knew Mark from early in her career at LBSA and recalls seeing Mark on stage years later. “I knew from working with Mark how difficult it could be for him … more

Meet Rachel

December 21, 2018

Before attending her first class at Carleton College, Rachel Gallagher knew she wanted to supplement her college career by volunteering with individuals who have special needs. Inspired by a friend from high school who had autism and an aunt who work … more

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