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Our Community

Meet Our Community

Our community is extraordinary … rich with musicians, cooking-enthusiasts, passionate volunteers, curious learners, dedicated employees and so many more. Inspirational stories of our community members abound, and we are forever grateful for each and every one of them who make this place so special.

Get to know some of our stories. And when you find yourself inspired, find a way to get involved.



meet: Elii

June 2021

“Just being able to come to work and see client reactions is great. When I come in my car in the morning and see David standing at the door smiling at me, it makes me feel awesome. That makes my day!” Read More

Amairani & Joseph

meet: Amairani &

June 2021

Even though Amairani and Joseph are new to their roles and the work is often challenging and complex, they both agree that the work is rewarding. Read More

Holly Ciffra

meet: Holly

June 2021

Holly Ciffra, LBSA’s In-Home Services Director says, “You only get one life, so why not enjoy it?” Easier said than done during a global pandemic. Read More

Steve Brockton headshot

meet: Steve

December 2020

Steve Brockton grew up in Northfield and first became familiar with LBSA as a child. His Aunt Margaret worked here, and he would often accompany her to LBSA events. Read More

Meet Olive

meet: Olive

July 2020

“I have always wanted to do something that can change someone’s life.” Olive shared in her scholarship application. “That’s why working in the medical field has always been my dream.” Read More


meet: Lisa

July 2019

After 30 years at LBSA, Lisa still enjoys the work. Her dedication to work is matched by her dedication to family and community. Read More



meet: Lynn

June 2021

Lynn appears more peaceful and content than ever. She is in a place she loves – her home with her housemates.” Read More

meet Sarah

meet: Sarah

June 2020

Sarah is full of surprises. She’s an example of someone who isn’t defined by the label she’s been given. Read More

meet dennis

meet: Dennis

June 2020

Dennis has routines at his cottage on Oak Street. His housemates and support staff are part of his family. Read More


meet: Kerste

October 2019

Kerste’s nickname is “Boo," dating back to elementary school, and is still an accurate reflection of her jokester personality. Read More


meet: Autumn

March 2019

Autumn's mom says the most amazing thing about her daughter is her compassion for others. It shines through in her smile. Read More


meet: Creegan

January 2019

Creegan is curious and very active. When you meet him today, you wouldn't know that he didn't always feel at ease in social situations. Read More


meet: Izzy

October 2018

Izzy never thought she would live to age 25. After surviving years of abuse, she has become a role model in survival. Read More


Meet Abby

meet: Abby

March 2021

“I’m hesitant to call it volunteering.” For Abby Grismer, volunteer work is not work. It is something she loves to do. Read More


meet: Patricia & Marco

October 2019

For Patricia, retirement from 26 years of teaching spawned a new career of volunteerism. And a new furry “coworker." Read More


meet: The Odettes

November 2018

19 years and counting. That’s how long we've held our Community Thanksgiving Dinner. It's also how long the Odettes have volunteered at it. Read More


meet: Julie

August 2018

Beneath Julie’s soft-spoken demeanor lies a passionate advocate. It would be impossible to calculate the value of her work. Read More


meet: Matt & Jessica

April 2018

Something powerful happens when people are united for a shared purpose. Matt and Jessica are an important part of that. Read More


meet: Mike & Kenna

April 2018

Mike and Kenna have made Laura Baker Services Association their “thing.” It’s hard to calculate the impact of these ambassadors. Read More