Meet Wendy

Friends spoke on Wendy’s behalf.

“She loves the hammock swing in the corner of the living room. She swings while watching her friends watch TV.”

“She spends a part of each day sipping hot chocolate with a few companions. Sometimes she decides to paint a picture.”

“Wendy shows affection in actions rather than words. She cries when Rhonda cries. She naps near Lisa’s bed while Lisa sleeps.”

“Wendy loves to look beautiful. She enjoys having staff fix her hair and nails.”

“She is beautiful.”


“Wendy watches the sun closely, and positions herself in the center of sunlight whenever she can.”

“Wendy scrutinizes each new staff member carefully – an essential survival skill for a vulnerable individual who relies on others to be her voice and hands.”

“Wendy loves to climb . . . much to the delight (and dismay) of her caregivers.”