Meet Glenn

Living life, one dance and song at a time.

I work at CRE, and I shredded 10 pounds of paper today — it is a record. I have lots of friends at work.

I do music at LBSA and sing in the choir. I was in “On Stage,” the Broadway musical. I like to dance. I danced at the College Buddies Ball. This is a picture of us dancing. Over here is a microphone. Did you see that when you came in? Let me explain it. This microphone is hooked up in a different way. My sister came over last week, and I helped her put it together. I want to use it in the choir.

I went to see my sister at her new house. My brother came and got me, and my sister met me at the door. We had dinner and played games. She is a good cook. I have another sister, and she lives in Northfield. I go over and see her a lot, too. We just hang out.

Glenn shows photos of his family.

Whenever I get upset, I call one of my brothers and talk to him on the phone. He listens to me on the phone. I am the youngest in the family. I have nine brothers and sisters.

Glenn shows a picture of Nan Kelley.

I saw her at the Grand Ole Opry. I went there with my sister Renee. This was an expensive trip. It was worth it.

I would like to go to Austin, Texas next. It is a fun place to go. There is more music there. Music is important to me.