Why Community Matters: Stronger Together

This is the fourth segment of the radio series called, Why Community Matters. In partnership with KYMN Radio, several community members tell their stories on how they’ve contributed to and been affected by Laura Baker.

Partnerships between community organizations address gaps and improve the quality of life for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, as well as help the community overall.

The Community Action Center is a nonprofit organization in Northfield that helps people meet their most basic needs, such as providing them with food or helping them find housing and employment. The Community Action Center and Laura Baker are rallying together to address employment challenges in the community through an innovative cross-staffing pilot that provides wraparound support and services to employees of Laura Baker.

Teri Knight from KYMN interviews Scott Wopata, who is the executive director of the Community Action Center, and Anika Rychner, who is the program director at the Community Action Center.