LBSA Partners with the Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED) to Help Individuals with IDD Find Employment

To share our expertise with a broader audience, Laura Baker Services Association (LBSA) recently became a Community Partner with MN DEED Vocational Rehabilitation Services (VRS). This partnership will focus on individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) and support them in finding jobs. We will provide expertise in specific service areas offered by VRS that align with our new Family Navigation Services program. These areas can be difficult to manage for people with IDD or other neurodivergent people:

  • Independent Living Skills (ILS)
  • Post-Secondary Education Services
  • Self-Advocacy Training and Support (Pre-ETS)

Empowering Personal & Professional Growth

Just like most people, achieving and maintaining a job that is satisfying and offers personal and professional growth is important to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities or who are neurodivergent. Competitive Integrated Employment (CIE), a common goal for all young adults, leads to integration into the community and creates economic stability. Our new partnership with DEED will help us support people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in creating a path to employment.

Times have changed for employers and employees. The job market has shifted, and there are more opportunities than ever before. As this is happening, we ask that business owners/managers and the community find ways to utilize the huge, untapped potential of people with IDD. Studies continue to show that hiring people with disabilities is good for organizations and businesses.

Breaking Down Barriers

As a person-centered provider of Home and Community Based Services, LBSA has been helping clients in our residential and community homes achieve meaningful employment for many years. For our clients, this has always been challenging and includes evaluating and improving other areas that are not normally associated with getting a job:

  • Stereotypes and misconceptions need to be overcome
  • Workplace accommodations may need to be requested
  • Training may need to be adapted
  • Employers might need to realign job requirements to better take advantage of unique skill sets

On the plus side, research has shown that, once employed, people with disabilities are exceptional and often long-term employees. The cost of change in the beginning far outweighs the challenges. To apply for support with gaining Competitive Integrated Employment, find a VRS office near you.

More Information and Support

If you or a loved one have IDD and are looking for guidance on finding meaningful employment, schedule an appointment with Family Navigation Services to talk about your needs and future.

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