Employee Appreciation Awards: COVID-Style!

Every year, LBSA honors staff with a luncheon and dinner where we honor award winners. This year’s events were postponed by COVID-19. Still, our staff of essential workers have been performing great feats of heroism over the last 10 months and continue to do so each day.

A pandemic doesn’t change the quality of our staff; it only changes how we hand out our awards!

Steve Brockton has been awarded the Spirit of Laura Baker Award* for 2020. Steve is a lead night staff. Over the last 19 years, he has shown up – night after night, filled in when needed and done his job with competency and caring. Thank you, Steve!

Additional Award Winners

We want to thank ALL of our staff who perform such incredible work! Below is a list of our additional 2020 award winners:

  • Deana Antley
  • Kathy Bromley
  • Holly Ciffra
  • Meg Diviney-Fearing
  • Alicia Hookstreet
  • Phyllis Hullett
  • Lisa Karsten
  • Rich Larson
  • Caitlyn Lehman
  • Monica Maciel
  • Krista Middlebrooks
  • Michelle Oaxaca
  • Megan Olson
  • Iris Reyes
  • Lexi Sanborn
  • Jenny Solar
  • Riley Tarter
  • Torfinn Zempel

* The Spirit of Laura Baker Award is given annually to one individual who best embodies the mission, vision and values of LBSA and the spirit of Laura Baker.