Care and Inclusion: Special Needs Group Homes

At Laura Baker Services Association (LBSA), we believe that every individual deserves to live in a place where they can thrive, feel safe and be embraced by a community that values them.

As dedicated spaces that nurture, empower and celebrate the unique abilities of every person, special needs group homes provide exceptional care and support to individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities (IDD).

What Are Special Needs Group Homes?

Special needs group homes are residential settings designed to provide a supportive and inclusive environment for individuals with IDD or other special needs. These homes offer an alternative to in-home or institutional care, focusing on promoting independence, fostering social connections and improving the overall quality of life for residents.

Values of Community Living

For people with IDD, living in a community together is built upon a number of important values. LBSA provides community-based living options that promote:

Person-Centered Care

Recognizing that each person has their own unique strengths, preferences and goals, our dedicated staff works closely with residents to create individualized care plans that prioritize their needs and aspirations.

Inclusivity and Community

Group homes are vibrant and welcoming communities where residents can form meaningful relationships with their peers and staff members – key to building strong connections and fostering personal growth.

Independence and Empowerment

By empowering residents to make choices and decisions that affect their daily lives, community-based living provides the necessary support to help individuals develop skills and confidence to live as independently as possible.

Safety and Wellbeing

Group homes are designed to provide a secure and comfortable environment where residents can thrive, balancing independence with the right level of support and care for each person.

Benefits of Special Needs Group Homes

Special needs group homes offer a range of benefits for individuals with disabilities and their families.

Enhanced Quality of Life

Residents experience an improved quality of life with access to personalized care, social interaction and a nurturing environment.

Social Connections

Group homes encourage socialization, helping residents develop friendships and a sense of belonging.

Skill Development

Individuals can develop essential life skills, such as cooking, cleaning and personal hygiene, under the guidance and care of trained staff members.

Peace of Mind for Families

Families can have peace of mind knowing that their loved ones are in a safe, supportive and enriching environment.

More Information and Support

Special needs group homes prioritize the dignity, happiness and potential of each individual, helping people with IDD flourish and lead fulfilling lives in community with others. Explore our living services to learn about the range of support options available at LBSA.

LBSA’s Family Navigation Services and Behavioral Support Services (coming early 2024) are also great places to start if you or a loved one would benefit from the support provided by a special needs group home. Our team can help connect you with resources and tools for taking the next step.