Location: St. John’s Lutheran Church, 500 3rd St W, Northfield, MN

Date: Wednesday, June 26, 2024 || 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

In-Person || Online

Enhance your understanding and knowledge of the intersection of intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) and mental health. Learn more about managing challenging and disruptive behaviors.


Laura Baker Services Association, a support provider for people with IDD for over 125 years, is hosting a Behavioral Support Service conference this summer. The conference will focus on the intersection of mental health diagnoses and IDD.

  • Psychiatric nurse practitioner, Dan Watts, owner and operator of Free-Range Mental Health, will present information on depression and anxiety in people with IDD and talk about when you need to seek expert advice.
  • Executive Director of Laura Baker Services, Sandi Gerdes, will present on person-centered support and how it can impact someone with challenging behavior.
  • Incorporating regular exercise into the life of a person with IDD and behavior challenges can improve mood regulation, self-discipline, sleep quality, and even social engagement. Certified Inclusive Fitness Trainer and Autism Specialist, Tonya Andruskiewicz, will share information on Adapted Fitness programs and the effects that these programs have had on both athletes and the community itself.

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