The crisp autumn air can only mean one thing – election season is upon us. With election season come many opportunities to speak with both current and potential lawmakers about the issues that deeply affect those with special needs, as well as those who work with people with special needs. These conversations are helpful in determining which candidates we believe will support our vital services and supports. Below is a list of questions that may be used as talking points when speaking with candidates themselves, or their volunteer staff that may appear at your door or call your home:
  • What will you do to ensure that health care is available and affordable for everyone?
  • What is your strategy for ensuring those with intellectual and developmental disabilities receive the support they need?
  • How do you define affordable housing and what actions will you take to create more affordable housing options?
  • How will you work with your counterparts, regardless of their political affiliation, to get things done?
  • What is your position in regard to the 7% cut to disability services in 2018? (MN Legislature)
  • What is your position on disability service provided in rural areas being reimbursed 3% less than those in metro areas? (MN Legislature)
The questions on this list are simply a guide; please use any you feel may help with your voting decisions.