Finding the Right Group Home for Your Loved One

Choosing a new living arrangement for your loved one with an intellectual or developmental disability (IDD) can be a difficult and confusing experience. Living at home with family is not always the best option for families or their loved one with IDD.

When transitioning to a special needs group home is done thoughtfully, it can help the individual and their family feel supported and confident about the move. Conversations about transitioning should happen sooner than later – transitioning due to an emergency is not ideal. These websites about transitioning and supports are helpful:

Finding a group home can take time. Availability can often be a challenge, especially if you have a specific geographic location in mind. Not all group homes are the same. Individual needs can vary greatly, so it is important to find a home that best fits the needs of your loved one with IDD. Find an organization that is committed to providing care that aligns with the needs of the individual. When searching for a group home, do not be afraid to tour and interview many different organizations. Be clear with your expectations and needs and do as much investigating as you can.

Questions to Help Select your Group Home

Some questions that you should ask a group home provider include:

  • What specific training does the group home staff receive?
  • What is the staff-to-client ratio?
  • Will my loved one have their own bedroom?
  • Does the group home do group activities? Do they accommodate individual activities?
  • Can you provide references from previous clients or referral services?

Once you have chosen the right group home for your loved one and you have been accepted, the move-in process can be done quickly – most of the time in as little as two weeks. Here are a few websites that can help you find group homes in Minnesota:

Preparing for a Smooth Transition

Transitioning a loved one’s living situation is a big decision – and it is important to fully understand group home living before making the move. Have honest conversations about the person’s current and future needs. Doing this can help ensure that they receive individualized, effective and quality care. Each individual has their unique needs, and finding the right group home to support your loved one is key to their continuity of care. What is a great group home for one person may not be great for another.

More Information and Support

The Family Navigation Services team at Laura Baker Services Association can provide additional support to families during transitions and when dealing with finding and managing care for their loved ones.

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