Family Navigation Services Featured in Faribault Daily News

LBSA’s Family Navigation Services program was featured in the Faribault Daily News! The article provides a look at the guidance, resources and personal connection offered by this program that is designed to help parents, family members or caregivers of a person with intellectual and developmental disabilities navigate the complex systems required for support.

LBSA Executive Director Sandi Gerdes and Director of Business Development JR Larson provided insight for the article. JR and his wife, Susan, have two sons, including one on the autism spectrum. LBSA was one of the organizations that supported their family in navigating care for their son.


Pictured above: JR Larson, left, and his wife, Susan, and son, Cody, take a trip to Chicago to visit their other son, Tyler, and his wife, Francesca. Larson said it’s important for people to understand those with intellectual and developmental disabilities have the same needs and dreams as everybody else.