Possibility. Courage. Focus. Will. Hope Ignited.

As we enter 2024, these concepts move me forward.


Over the years, I have referred to the book The Art of Possibility. The basic premise? There’s enough of what we need in the world. We need to understand how we limit ourselves by believing there isn’t enough, causing us to hoard what we have. When it seems there isn’t enough to accomplish our work, you all demonstrate that there IS enough – that Together We Can.

Courage and Will

When I am afraid, the best way through is forward. Take some action. Talk about what is and what isn’t needed – out loud. COVID reminded me of this, and as we face another challenging year financially, I stride forward, telling people that while we aren’t out of the woods, we can definitely see the edge. Please continue to support us as we step forward to face continued challenges.

In 2023, there were many examples of receiving those gifts:

  • Exceeding our fundraising goal by $100,000
  • Having students volunteer in record numbers
  • Hiring 50 new staff members in a year
  • Re-opening all but one of our campus households
  • Having a waiting list that exceeds capacity to fill the openings for the last house
  • Completing our first service for Behavioral Support Services

All reasons to proceed with courage.


With so many forces bearing down on us and chaos coming from many directions, keeping focus on the things that matter helps to manage the chaos and reduce the noise.

Hope Ignited

The people we support bring hope. Their determination to succeed, despite the challenges they face. Two stories embody the incredible will of the people we support; their successes ignite hope that we can.

A gentleman who has lived at LBSA since he was very young, has many challenges in his life. Over 20 years ago, he engaged in swallowing inedible items. In one situation, he swallowed a watch. Many approaches were undertaken to reduce and eliminate this very dangerous behavior. One approach provided him with 1:1 staffing: someone immediately able to redirect any attempts to swallow items, and to ensure appropriate medical attention if he was successful in swallowing something. After over 20 years of 1:1 staffing and deliberate reduction of the 1:1 support, he and his support staff eliminated the 1:1 staffing. He still needs support; he doesn’t need someone within an arm’s length when he is awake. His staff reports that he is very happy with this change and is now “supervising” and directing staff as he walks around the house.

Another gentleman who has lived at LBSA since shortly before the pandemic ignites hope for me. He had significant behavioral challenges during COVID. Being confined to his house was difficult for him. He would frequently enter neighbors’ properties without permission. He too has been able to eliminate 1:1 staffing. His team is now looking at finding employment in the community for him. Medications that helped him become more stable are being reduced and discontinued.

Progress for these two individuals ignites hope for the circles of support around them: families, staff members, case managers and others. Families who have lived with reports of challenging behavior, and wonder what the outcome will be, can relax. Staff members can celebrate the person’s progress they have helped them achieve. Hours and hours of work, by the staff members and the person, have led to this success.

The past few years have been the most challenging I’ve known in my career. A while back, I was talking with a staff member who expressed his deep-seated fear that during the pandemic we were going to go out of business. My retrospective response was, that I knew that we couldn’t allow that to happen; we needed to do the work. I firmly believe that this organization has weathered many difficult storms in its history. We’ve gotten through the worst of it. 2024 will be challenging, and we are going to move forward with hope ignited by the possibilities, focus, courage and will to continue to act in the face of the challenges.

We need our partners along for the journey – and we thank you, in advance, for continuing the journey with us.