What Now? Step One: Ask Questions.

The election is (finally!) over and it’s never been more important for you to advocate for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their caregivers. We must be champions for choice and inclusion. We urge you to take action and ask your elected officials these four very important questions.

What Questions to Ask

  1. What will you do to solve the health care worker crisis affecting those who have intellectual and developmental disabilities?
  2. Do you support a 5% increase in pay for care workers who serve those with intellectual and emotional disabilities? (Today, most of those who provide health care supports to those with disabilities receive only minimum wage.)
  3. Will you support a variety of housing options so that adults with disabilities will have choices on where and how they want to live?
  4. Do you have ideas about how our community can be more inclusive of a diverse population that includes those with disabilities of all types?

As we prepare for a new political season, urge lawmakers to confront the issues that those with intellectual and developmental disabilities face. And if they have questions, encourage them to reach out to me for more information. Together, we’ll make a difference and build a community that supports inclusion and choices for people with disabilities.