Senators: Support Our Caregivers

Dear Sen. Dahle and Rep. Bly,

Many people with developmental disabilities rely on others for personal care . . . every day, every night, for their entire lives. This is not a choice for them. It is a basic necessity, and it’s our collective responsibility to make sure these vulnerable people are well cared for. That’s why it’s vital that caregiver jobs pay enough to attract and keep good caregivers for our most vulnerable citizens.

I urge you to support equitable compensation rates to help recruit and retain consistent and capable professionals to provide care of individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities.

I urge you to establish service rates that will support living wages, equitable with those paid to other caregivers, for the caregivers of our most vulnerable citizens — individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities.

Thank you for the work you do for our collective good.


Keep up the good work, you guys.



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Betsy Spethmann

Betsy Spethmann lives just outside Northfield with her family. She’s a mom of two and wife to Jim Rossow. She is Director of Community Relations for Northfield Hospital & Clinics, and a freelance writer and editor. She likes to bike, read, and travel. She’s passionate about ensuring that people with disabilities have opportunities to engage in community, and receive the support they need to live the lives they choose.

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