Barry Morrow – 2014 Gala Guest Speaker

BARRY MORROW SPEAKER2Laura Baker Services Association is pleased to announce Barry Morrow will be a keynote speaker at the 2014 Gala.

Barry Morrow is an Emmy and Academy Award winning writer/producer whose films are part of motion picture history. Best known for his original story and screenplay, Rain Man, starring Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise, this 1988 “Best Picture of the Year” will be remembered as the highest-grossing Oscar-winning film of its time, but also for its global impact on autism and savant syndrome. Barry’s autobiographical story, “Bill,” starring Dennis Quaid and the late Mickey Rooney, has been hailed by the New York Times as Rooney’s most enduring role in his 90 year career.

Read Mr. Morrow’s biography here.

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A Sneak Preview

Board leadership, both past and present, was invited to take a sneak preview of Laura Baker Service’s new cottages this past weekend. Thank you all for your generosity and dedication to help make this all possible.

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Robert Bonner Distinguished Service Award for 2014

LBSA Sept 2014 Board Rcptn-12

LBSA Sept 2014 Board Rcptn-19The Board of Trustees of Laura Baker Services Association is pleased to announce the two recipients of the Robert Bonner Distinguished Service Award for 2014 are Bob and Marilyn Matta. This award was created in 2009 to commemorate the long-term Board presidency of Robert Bonner and his extraordinary volunteer tenure. It is given yearly in recognition of individuals who have shown constancy over time to the organization and significant contributions of time, energy, and/or resources.

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LBSA Art Workshop – Oct 18


Painting at an LBSA Art Workshop

See the flyer: LBSA Art Workshop Oct 2014

All people served by LBSA are welcome at the Saturday, October 18 Art Workshop, 3-4p at Millis.

We’ll be collaboratively Drawing with iPads, Painting, &  Building Sculptures, and Having Fun being with each other.

No art experience necessary!

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Pet Therapy Visit – Kirby

We had a nice visit with Kirby Thursday afternoon. He’s got a secret talent – fly catcher!

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Laura Baker Drumming Groups

019 (2) IMG_0935


Here are the dates for drumming groups at Laura Baker through Fall, Winter, and Spring of 2014-2015:

September 23, 7pm (hand drumming)
October 5, 3pm (Taiko)
November 16, 3pm (hand drumming)
January 20, 7pm (hand drumming)
February 14, 3pm (Taiko)
March 12, 7pm (hand drumming)
April 12, 1pm (Taiko)
May 14, 7pm (hand drumming)

Drumming groups occur once a month at Laura Baker
Services, with the help of college volunteers. Each
group is led by a music therapist.

Everyone is welcome, of any ability! There is a $5 fee for participants who are not LBSA clients.

No drop-offs allowed; children should not be unattended, and clients who need staff support should participate with staff.

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Fun with Summer Buddies

Some fun things happened over the summer with Girl Scout Troop 25258 and their girlfriends at Lincoln House! Over the course of three months, they did several crafts together and also went on a scavenger hunt that lead them to visit the neighbors. They are going on 6 years of friendship, and it’s fun to see these 10 year old girls grow up with these wonderful ladies!

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Registration is Now Open for Fall 2014 Community Activities

Registration is now open for Fall 2014 activities! Check out this link for more information about Project A.B.L.E. and other community opportunities:


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Sing For Joy’s Pastor Bruce Benson on LBSA’s Choir Performance

Pastor Bruce Benson, host of Sing For Joy, attended a Laura Baker Services Association Choir performance. While watching the concert Pastor Benson, was reminded “again in a vivid way that music making is at its core a matter of heart”.
Follow the link to see the full article!


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LBSA Employees Participate in ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Thanks to our LBSA Employees who participated in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and helped raise awareness about ALS (aka Lou Gehrig’s disease)!

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