Advocate for housing choices … advocate for fair wages … advocate for expanded options in affordable housing … advocate for families that are supporting their loved ones with an intellectual or developmental disability.

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As a friend of Laura Baker Services Association, you can show your support by learning about the issues most important to the people we serve and their caregivers and contacting your elected officials on their behalf.

Personal Advocacy Resources

Although Laura Baker Services Association’s advocacy efforts are focused at the policy level, we understand that many families are wrestling with personal advocacy issues. If you are seeking personal advocacy resources, please view our list of helpful resource recommendations.

Blog: In Community

Housing and Ethical Governance

July 18, 2017

Affordable housing is under attack. It won’t get better until we as citizens demand that those who govern address this critical need in practical and creative ways. We need to prioritize and demand housing solutions in the same way that we are d… more

Understanding the Safety Net

May 31, 2017

Poverty in America. It’s a charged issue. Opinions about how and why people end up impoverished run a wide gamut. Those opinions greatly impact public policy designed to create a safety net for people. For as long as I can remember, we’ve d… more

Celebrating Amazing Employees

April 20, 2017

Together, the people we support and our employees are the life blood of Laura Baker Services Association. With no one to support, we don’t exist.  Without adequate numbers of employees, our ability to support people is limited. As we look ahead to… more

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