Meet Hans

My life is good. I live at Laura Baker Services. I love LBSA.

Today, I worked. I’m working at the Eagle’s Club and the Northfield Ballroom. I also work at Little Prairie Church in Dundas. I dust, and I vacuum. I like to work. I was here when the tornado came through Northfield. Tornadoes are a force of nature. People high on the overpass are not safe. I went to the truck stop during that one. The Big Steer. Did you see the Northfield tornado? It was an F2 on the Fujita scale. F2 is a small one. The one that hit St. Peter was an F4. Did you see it on the news?

My favorite kind of music is rock ’n’ roll. My favorite performer is Elvis Presley. I took a tour at Graceland. I had my friend’s big camera, and I took pictures of the Jungle Room. I saw Sun Records. One of Elvis’s microphones was there, and I used it. I sang into it at Sun Records.

In the summer, at night, I like to go to the drive-in at Elko Speedway. Good popcorn there. In the winter, I make my own drive-in here in my room. I cut out speakers on cardboard and line up my race cars in front of it.

On Sundays, I go to church with my mom. She lives in a nursing home. She has MS. My dad is a Vietnam vet. He lives in Florida. I fly down there at Christmas. I like to fly. I love airplanes. Some days, I’m an airplane pilot. This is my cockpit I made out of cardboard. Today, I’m a policeman. Protect and serve.