Affordable Housing

We urge you to support measures that ensure people with disabilities have access to housing choices. Act now or continue reading about the issues facing affordable housing for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Transportation – HUD Bill

The Senate voted 92-6 on August 1 to approve its FY19 Transportation-HUD (THUD) spending bill, which provides increased funding for affordable housing and community development programs. Overall, the bill provides HUD programs with more than $12 billion above the president’s FY19 request and more than $1 billion above the House bill.

Show your support of the bill’s approval by reaching out to your elected officials below, and be sure to urge them to continue advocating for fair housing for people with disabilities, as it will remain a high-priority issue.

Knowledge is Power

The more knowledge we share with the more people, the more we give power to the community to include people with disabilities in the conversation and decision-making. Only by meeting the issue openly and forthrightly can the state expect to live up to the rhetoric of the Olmstead Plan.

Learn About the Plan

The Facts

  • Many of our clients who are able to work make just $9 per hour, significantly limiting the housing options available.
  • The national average rent for a modest one-bedroom rental unit is $780, equal to 104% of the national average monthly income of a one-person SSI household. (Source: Technical Assistance Collaborative)
  • Currently, there is a shortage of 4.6 million affordable housing rental units across the nation to help those who fall in the extremely low income group. (Source: Technical Assistance Collaborative)