Respite Support for Families

We urge you to support family reimbursement for respite care for people with disabilities at the same level as respite care for older adults.

Respite Events 2011

Affordable Access and Support

If we expect families to continue to support their family members with disabilities, our communities must provide affordable and accessible respite options for them. In addition to supporting the expansion of affordable housing options and adequate health care for people with disabilities, we fully support their families having ready access to support, especially respite services, so the needs of a family member with disabilities don’t overwhelm the rest of the family.

Use the form below to urge your elected officials to support reimbursement for respite care.

We must have respite available for all citizens who require intensive support, not just for the elderly, as is currently the case in Minnesota. We must be able to assess needs and provide funding according to needs assessments, rather than relying upon a pre-set amount for all families. Currently, family members caring for a person with disabilities receive no reimbursement for respite services provided by Laura Baker Services Association.

The Importance of Expanded Respite Services