Adequate Compensation

Laura Baker Services Association supports legislation that promotes equitable compensation rates for people who provide support services to individuals with developmental disabilities. 

Workforce Crisis in Disability Supports

According to the Case for Inclusion 2019, an annual ranking of how well State Medicaid programs serve Americans with intellectual and developmental disabilities, Minnesota dropped from 7th place in 2015 to 21st place today in state rankings.

Factors contributing to the decline in performance as compared to other states were:

  • The large number of people waiting to receive Home and Community-based Services
  • The low number of individuals with developmental disabilities working in competitive employment
  • Minnesota’s exceptionally challenging workforce conditions

The growing shortage and high turnover rate of Direct Support Professionals has reached crisis level. The national turnover rate for Direct Support Professionals is 45%. Low wages and minimal benefits caused by fixed Medicaid rates are significant reasons for this turnover, which has led to difficulties attracting and retaining Direct Support Professionals.

Increasing compensation is essential. By increasing compensation rates, we will be able to:

  • Recruit and retain capable and high-quality staff
  • Reduce turnover rates and provide the consistency needed for individuals with developmental disabilities
  • Reduce costs to the state and federal government

With a clear understanding of the issues at hand, State Representatives are working hard to increase caregiver wages this year. Use the form below to urge your legislators to help alleviate this workforce crisis.

Extraordinary Caregivers

Each day, our caregivers are doing incredibly important work. Meet everyday heroes Glenn and Scott, Mona and Isabelle, Jack and Jorie, and Bob and Justin.

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