Adequate Compensation

We support legislation that promotes equitable compensation rates for people who provide support services to individuals with developmental disabilities. We urge you to act now by reaching out to your elected officials or continue reading to learn more about these important issues.

Support Adequate Compensation

Laura Baker Services Association supports legislation which will provide funding to help reduce staff turnover and improve the quality of care for people with disabilities. Even with the 2014 rate increase, which was achieved after years of budget cuts and freezes, rates remain far behind the pace of inflation, and staff turnover remains a serious challenge. Increased compensation is essential to recruit and retain consistent and capable staff for support servicesThe support of our amazing staff ensures that the people we serve are empowered to lead fulfilling lives and that we have the ability to provide support to their families.

Connect with leaders of the Direct Care/Support Workforce Initiative or write a letter using the template below urging your elected officials to support increasing reimbursement rates for the care of people with developmental disabilities.

Workforce Crisis in Disability Supports

Direct Support Professionals are frontline disability services staff, funded primarily through Medicaid, who help people with disabilities live life like everyone else. They accomplish this through extraordinary hard work, like job coaching, supporting daily activities and offering critical care for behavioral needs.

High turnover in Direct Support Professionals is destabilizing important disability supports. Recruitment and retention challenges for key staff are leaving people with intellectual and developmental disabilities vulnerable to losing support in the most important aspects of their lives–work, home and health. 

Did you know that the national Direct Support Professional turnover rate is 45%? Low wages and minimal benefits caused by fixed Medicaid rates are significant reasons for this turnover, which has led to difficulties attracting and retaining Direct Support Professionals. It has now reached a crisis level.

Lacking a stable workforce not only harms individuals with disabilities and their families, but also can lead to increased institutionalism and higher costs to states and the federal government.

Use the form below to urge your Congress members to help alleviate this workforce crisis.

Staff and client read together

Extraordinary Caregivers

Each day, our caregivers are doing incredibly important work. Hear how Derrick describes his job, and support caregivers like Derrick today.

Visit our YouTube channel to hear how other awesome LBSA employees describe their jobs.

The Importance of Adequate Wages for Caregivers

  • The average wage for caregivers of individuals with a developmental disability in our area is $12.41 per hour.