Employee Appreciation

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Congrats to Polly Hruza, the recipient of the Spirit of Laura Baker Award. This award is given annually to one individual who best embodies the mission, vision and values of LBSA – and the spirit of Laura Baker. Recipients care deeply for the people we serve and make a difference in their lives and in the life of the organization as a whole. leadership and teamwork are the hallmarks of award winners’ work in the organization.

Congratulations to other award winners for this years employee appreciation!

Tammy Schwagerl – Innovator

Anthony Bahr – Innovator

Jenny Solar – Innovator

Meg Diviney-Fearing – Community Builder

Barb Sugrue – Community Builder

Zelene Rojas – Community Builder

Michelle Johnson – Team Builder

Jorie Beyer – Team Builder

Cassi DeVries – Team Builder

Jessica McKeever – Helping Hand

Monica Maciel – Helping Hand

Karina Orozco – Helping Hand

Katie Swenson – Role Model

Emily Drevlow – Role Model

Nicole Lamont Elzen – Role Model

Cindy Walker – Rising Star

Destiny Rojas – Rising Star

Krista Middlebrooks – Rising Star

And a special thank you to all the Employee Appreciation Committee Members!

Alexandra Schultz

Eileen Anderson

Connie Berg

Phyllis Hullett

Dixie Shaffer

Ruth Morgan-Malecha

Sandi Gerdes

Cindy Coffey