Meet Steven

I recently retired from the Gala and golf tournament. I liked to welcome the people and say, “Please sign in over there, or you can hang your coat up.”

I know lots of people.

I have friends that live upstairs. Don comes every night about 6 and rings my doorbell. We go down to the game room and talk and talk.

I finished high school in 1967. I was a Cub Scout, too. I rode a horse out in Yellowstone, and at the Grand Canyon. My horse was on a narrow path and had a horsefly. He kicked and kicked! I held on tight.

My mom was from Castle Rock. I lived with her for 32 years. When I die, I will be buried in Castle Rock. I have a grave there.

I don’t think about that very often.


I made a scrapbook and it won a blue ribbon at the County Fair. I wrote in it: “Dedicated to my mom and dad for all the love and fun we had.”

I like to go get groceries, and to the bank, and to stores in Northfield and down in Faribault, and get a haircut. I have a cousin who’s a barber in Farmington; I ask him how much for a haircut and he says “Nothing.” He cuts it short because it’s easy to keep clean and wash.

At home, I like to clean my apartment up, dust, clean the bathroom sink and toilet.

I like to cook. I like to make meatloaf, and I like to cook chicken. Most of the time I use the microwave for my food.

I like bingo. I played yesterday and won three times.