Meet Natalie

Mary spoke on Natalie’s behalf.

Natalie has three brothers, and two little nephews who have lots of energy and play in the house when they get here. When the family comes at Christmas, Natalie’s mom brings over a whole meal for everyone. It’s always a nice day when they come.

One night during dinner we were talking about chicken bones, and Nat thought it was funny – so we made up a silly song about chicken bones that she really liked.

Natalie has a lot of beautiful beads and bracelets and earrings and hair ornaments. She likes it all.

Natalie’s room has many pictures of her family and friends. She has a picture of the family farm where Nat grew up, out in the country.

Nat is in the Laura Baker Choir. She plays the chimes beautifully.

There is music around Natalie, and inside her.


The Girl Scouts come here to the house, and sometimes Natalie and her housemates meet with the troop at St. John’s. They put birthday packages together; last time, they made cookie-in-a-jar kits.

In her room, Nat likes to turn on the lights, and turn them off when we leave. She keeps us energy-conscious.