Meet Mike

Mike Hero, a Northfield native and local attorney, received the Robert Bonner Distinguished Service Award in 2012. Mike served on the LBSA Board of Trustees for more than 25 years, including serving as President from 1992-1999.

During his board service, Mike served on the Development Committee and the By-Laws Committee. Mike was stalwart in his support of the organization through the early 90s when our very existence was threatened by financial and public relations issues that could have led to our demise. During a time when Mike was experiencing serious personal health issues, he maintained his commitment to getting the Association back on track financially, and improving our image in the community. Mike dealt with contentious issues in a straightforward and compassionate manner. His willingness to move forward despite the turmoil created by the changes required, including personal turmoil, are a major reason the Association thrives today.

Mike grabbed hold of the vision for the Association, and has determinedly pushed us forward, to ensure that we are meeting our mission, vision and values. He retired from the Board in 2012, after 25 years of service. He continues to make himself available for consultation on various issues.

Mike’s passion for the Association was fueled by his boyhood adventures on and around the 211 Oak Street campus.

He is an avid fly fisher, fly tyer, canoer and traveler.