Meet Lisa

Lisa prefers to answer questions rather than make statements. Beth also spoke on her behalf.

Do you like to stay at home?

  • Yes!

(Beth): Lisa has lived at Lincoln House since it began in 1989. She has been with Laura Baker Services since 1978. Lisa’s family gathers quite a bit. Her mom likes to have them all over at her house, and she picks Lisa up to join them all.

When the Girl Scouts visit Lincoln House, you do crafts together. Do you like kids?

  • Yes. And babies.

(Beth): Lisa loves her peanut butter, and M&Ms are her daily treat. They’re in a lock box, and she keeps the key. She also loves pretzels and soup.

Do you like French fries, too?

  • Yes! (Lisa laughs)

Do you like your music loud or quiet?

  • Quiet.

You like it better when things are quiet?

  • Yes.

(Beth): Lisa really likes work. She cleans at the Co-op and Greenvale Apartments, and occasionally they have a fun little lunch at Carbone’s or Culver’s.

Was today a work day?

  • Yes.

Do you have friends at work?

  • Yes.

(Beth): Lisa has been bowling a lot; this year she decided she was done with bowling for awhile. Now she goes to watch her teammates bowl.

You’re a good supportive friend, aren’t you?

  • Yes.

(Beth): This is Lisa’s favorite chair, by the window. She can look out the window and see the TV, and see all around the room. Lisa likes people watching. She’s an observer.

Do you like it best to be sitting in your chair, in the quiet, watching your friends and the world around you?

  • Yes.