Meet Bryan

Bryan Cox got his first exposure to the world of direct care through volunteering. At the encouragement of a pastor several years ago, Bryan began volunteering at a nearby senior living center. It was here that Bryan discovered a passion for direct care and helping support vulnerable individuals. At that point, “I realized that caregiving is very rewarding!” This eventually led him to obtain a part time position in another assisted living facility and finally a full-time position at LBSA.

Bryan started at LBSA back in September of 2015 and recalls, “I was a bit nervous when I started because I wasn’t sure what to expect.” As Bryan got to know his clients, his nervousness disappeared, and now Bryan has a smile on his face when describing his work at LBSA. He says the residents of Baker House enjoy when he brings his Bluetooth speakers to work.  “Sometimes we’ll just play music and people get up and dance.”  When asked about favorite memories at LBSA, Bryan described Summer Fun Day when one of the residents, who happens to be a big fan of Elvis, got up and started “… jamming with the band leader. He was having such a great time. It was really fun to see.”

Bryan left LBSA in February of 2017 for a higher paying position but recently returned realizing how much he missed his work at Laura Baker. “This is the best job I’ve ever had.  I have to go where I feel I’m making a difference.”

LBSA is thankful to have individuals like Bryan who love their work!