Meet Britni

I live in my own apartment. It is a nice house. Sandy cooks with me. I like to cook tacos.

My family is my mom and dad and my brothers. One of my brothers is called Hairball. No, I’m kidding. Really their names are Paul and Per. I visit my family every other weekend.

I like to get dressed up. And I like to wear nail polish. My favorite color is purple.

I like dinosaurs, especially Tyrannosaurus Rex. Barney is my favorite dinosaur. I have watched that video a hundred times. I sing and clap and dance when I watch. I made my parents a card with dinosaur Valentines at the top, and wrote “Love, Britni.” Papa’s sticker said “Dinoriffic!”

Mostly, I like dogs. I like to read about them and watch videos. I have dog stickers, too.

I also like lions. We have those at Laura Baker. No, not really. I’m kidding!


I have drumming and music therapy every Thursday with Maggie. I like the big drums; I like to play loud. I also play the guitar at music therapy, and the bell chimes. I like to sing, too. I sing in the Choir.

I like to go swimming at Special Olympics, and sometimes the Senior Center.

I go to Furry Friends at Laura Baker. I like to pet the dogs there.  I like the cute dogs the best.