The issues surrounding people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, the organizations and caregivers that serve them, and the family members that support them are complicated. And they impact so many. Here is data to quantify the importance of our outreach.

The Importance of Choice in Housing

  • 70% of people with disabilities, 850,000 people nationwide, live with family members who are over age 65.
  • In 2010, 3,243 people in Minnesota reported that they were waiting for residential services in the next 12 months. This number is estimated to be 115,059 across the U.S. (Source: National Residential Information Systems Project)

The Importance of Expanded Respite Services

The Importance of Adequate Wages for Caregivers

  • The average wage for caregivers of individuals with a developmental disability in our area is $12.41 per hour.

The Importance of Additional Affordable Housing Options

  • Many of our clients who are able to work make just $9 per hour, significantly limiting the housing options available.
  • The national average rent for a modest one-bedroom rental unit is $780, equal to 104% of the national average monthly income of a one-person SSI household. (Source: Technical Assistance Collaborative)
  • Currently, there is a shortage of 4.6 million affordable housing rental units across the nation to help those who fall in the extremely low income group. (Source: Technical Assistance Collaborative)