Personal Advocacy Resources

Laura Baker Services Association’s advocacy efforts are focused at the policy level. We invite you to learn more about our positions and efforts. We understand that many families are wrestling with personal advocacy issues and we want to offer our help by recommending the following resources.

    • County Social Services Offices
      A great starting point to provide information about the services people with disabilities may be eligible to receive, including case management and emergency assistance.
    • Minnesota DHS, Disability Services
      Provides a variety of services, in addition to economic support and health care, to help people with disabilities living in Minnesota.
    • Minnesota Disability Law Center
      Provides free civil legal assistance to individuals with disabilities statewide on legal issues related to their disabilities.
    • Ombudsman
      Available to assist in disputes between service providers.
    • PACER Center
      Provides programs for children and young adults with all disabilities, their parents and families, and professionals working with families. Resources include bullying prevention, social inclusion, assistive technology, transition for students with disabilities, and advocacy.
    • The ARC – Southeastern Minnesota
      Provides advocacy and support for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families.
    • Social Security Offices
      Available to help you understand what benefits might be available for individuals who have a disability and meet medical criteria for eligibility.
    • Family Voices of Minnesota
      Provides families with tools to navigate systems and help make informed health care decisions.


In addition, here is more helpful information for individuals and families looking to understand the developmental disabilities landscape.