FSS planning respite events, recruiting volunteers

Family Support ServicesWe at Laura Baker Services Association are aware of the gap in respite care services provided for families who have children with special needs. And we realize that, to develop a consistent and sustainable Family Support Services program that best serves our community, we must begin by addressing the needs of local families.

At the beginning of May, the Family Support Services committee hosted an open community forum to discuss our program and possible service solutions that would be based on the needs of local families. And at the end of the month we spoke about the ways in which we will be developing our program and received additional feedback at a Parents Meeting Parents meeting.

Accordingly, we will be focusing our initial efforts on planning monthly respite care events, which will be hosted by Laura Baker throughout the fall and into the following year.


Now over the summer months and into the coming school year, we will be recruiting and training volunteers who would be able to make regular and long-term commitments to serve families and individuals through our Family Support Services program. Before kicking off our respite events, we will coordinate a Meet & Greet where families will have a chance to become familiar with the staff and volunteers for our program, as well as the location at which the events will take place.

It is our hope that families will find these respite events to be a welcome and exciting development in our Family Support Services program.

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